Paralegal Degree

A paralegal degree can offer up much satisfaction. It will require a lot of your time, patience, hard work, and money. What you get out of such a degree will make it all worth it.

Paralegals are responsible for multiple tasks, and in the absence of a paralegal, an attorney will then take over these tasks. The tasks vary based on the type of degree, but the location and the client are generally alike.


Most paralegals have a stand-alone associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree and you must know what you are talking about. In some jobs you can get away with fooling your way through, but if you are not properly educated in this field then do not expect to find a solid job.

Approximately 70% of people with a paralegal degree work in a law firm and the others work for the government/legal departments. Paralegals are in demand right now so if you are thinking about getting a paralegal degree then you are heading in the right direction for a career.

Without a Paralegal, the Lawyers Would All Go Crazy!

Often times, a paralegal does his or her work in an office or a library and usually work a consistent 40-hour week throughout the year. Another name for a paralegal is a legal assistant, key word – assistant. They are not allowed to actually practice law but they help the lawyers immensely.

Without a paralegal, the lawyers would all go crazy. The paralegal will prepare legal arguments once a lawsuit has been filed; they draft mortgages, contracts as well as separation agreements. Having this degree, you are also expected to deal with bankruptcy, employee benefits, property, criminal cases, labor law and litigation, along with many other duties and responsibilities.

Paralegal Degree: What Exactly Does it Mean?

Well, a paralegal is often in charge of organizing a case, doing the planning and management of the case. A paralegal is expected to do legal research, interviews, drafting and analyzing documents, collecting and organizing documents, information and making decisions based on the given information. Paralegals represent clients before the state or a federal administration is allowed. This degree allows you to work behind the scenes, in a way, and plays a huge case in the working of any legal system.

A paralegal degree does not mean that you can provide legal advice or represent a client in court. You are also not allowed to set the amount that is to be paid for your services. Someone else sets that fee. They help lawyers before a trial, prepare meetings, proofread documents and basically, to put very, very simply, act something close to a manager.

The starting salary for a person who just got his or her paralegal degree ranges from about $15,000 to $35,000 a year depending on the area of work chosen. After some time, the salary may range from that up to about $60,000.

A great place to start off

A paralegal degree is a great place to start off. You are surrounded by people who can help you learn and reach new heights and you are able to do a job that you know makes a huge difference. A paralegal acts as a legal assistant and helps prep documents, conduct interviews, do research and find out information, set up meetings and so many other things. Being a paralegal brings great satisfaction but you have to take it very seriously because even though you have a degree, if you do not truly know what you are doing, you will not be able to get by.